Dear Decompinauts and Friends!

I’m writing to invite you to be part of the next BIG LEAP for the Infinity Burial Project!

First, a big THANK YOU for all your love and inspiration. Your encouragement gives me hope that the tides are turning in how we think about death and that more of us are committed to returning to the earth in a responsible, sustainable way!  I just KNEW I wasn’t the only one who wanted to be eaten by MUSHROOMS!

The past few years have been busy, exciting, overwhelming, and humbling.  Recently, the Mushroom Death Suit won a Special Jury Prize in the Design for Death Competition and was featured at the National Funeral Directors Assoc. International Convention in Austin, Texas in October 2013!  The reactions from funeral directors ranged from “THIS IS THE FUTURE OF THE FUNERAL INDUSTRY” to SHOCK and DISBELIEF. You can imagine!

And the Mushroom Death Suit was featured on Comedy Central’s “The Colbert Report” in November 2013 (in typical satirical style!). Click here (and jump to 2:16)…

I have also been been talking to funeral directors and green cemeteries, fabricating, conducting research, and collaborating with MBA students to develop the NEXT INFINITY BURIAL ITERATION TO BE PUBLICLY LAUNCHED AND AVAILABLE IN 2014!! We’re nearing a production version — but we need your continued support to help finish it!!

So here’s a PROPOSAL…I’m offering 1000 memberships to the INNER CIRCLE of the Decompiculture Society. As an Inner Circle member, you will help create the “future of the funeral industry” by becoming an EARLY ADOPTER of the next Infinity Burial System!  THREE membership types are available: Individual, Gift, and Action–see below.

For a $65 donation, Inner Circle Members will receive:

1. An Inner Circle T-shirt** (made of 50% organic cotton, 50% recycled soda bottles)

2. A digital certificate for one of the first 1000 rights to purchase the next Infinity Burial System at a DISCOUNT. Yours will be shipped FIRST, and in keeping with the project mission, it will be affordable.

A Gift Memberships is also available:

You can designate a family member, friend, or anyone else to receive a gift.

Members who are gifted a membership will also receive info via email about the Infinity Burial Project (in addition to a t-shirt and membership certificate).  Please indicate recipient’s name and email address.

For a $250 donation, you can send or receive an ACTION Gift Membership:

You or a person you designate will become an Inner Circle member with all the benefits above and will also receive a MINI-PROTOTYPE of the next Infinity Burial System.  This can be sent to anyone–yourself, friend, family member, colleague, A FUNERAL INDUSTRY EXECUTIVE, or anyone else, as an ACTION to spread the project’s vision of Decompiculture and the changing wishes of the greater public regarding funerals.  Donations will support the Infinity Burial Project, but the MESSAGE will go to whomever you direct.

**T-shirt sizes are S, M, L, XL.  Domestic + international shipping included.

** T-shirt Size Chart:


Membership is available to friends and family, too–please forward to anyone you think would like to join!

To the future!

Jae Rhim Lee
Infinity Burial Project Founder


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