Jae, simply stated, you’re awesome! Listen, I expect to be around for quite some time but I am curious, are any of your death suits made by high-end fashion designers? If not, you may want to consider reaching out to brands like Armani amongst other labels to help spread the word. Get a dead celebrity in one of your suits and the rest will be history! BTW and FYI I’m 6’0, 200lbs and I request a little extra leg room (I toss and turn in my sleep).
Okay, enough with the jokes… In all seriousness, I love what you’re doing, I think “TIBP” is fantastic and when I pass, my body is all yours!
Lastly, you’ve inspired me to make the profile picture seen here on the left AND to show my appreciation for what you’re doing I wrote a brief note and posted a link to your site on my site.
Peace & farewell,
Louis Pomatico