ok I’ve just seen your TEDtalk. a friend of mine used to be laughed at twenty odd years ago for wanting to be buried in the ground so the worms could have him, even back then I knew that althoughnwe were young hedonist musicians he was making a real moral point.

He just didnt know enough about mushrooms. we thought we knew it all when we ingested psilocybin but we were just fools!!

Fast forward to your ethical, moral and utterly beautiful project. Well it’s made a real connection with me and I want to participate. Unfortunately I’m a postgraduate student and recently separated with two beautiful teenage daughters who need every penny (cent) i can wring out of my pockets, they arent spoilt, I mean they need stuff and Im broke!!! so can I donate my corpse, I’m 45 and ridiculously healthy for a lifelong rock n roller and devout anti excerciser, so I wont be posting myself to you anytime soon, fingers crossed!!! but i want to participate, support, show solidarity or whatever I can…

let me know

you are inspirational, and I guess you are well aware ofnthe other great TEDtalk on Six Ways Myceleum Can Save The Planet…

peace, respect and sincerity