What is Decompiculture? Who is a Decompinaut?

Decompiculture is the cultivation of decomposing organisms. The term decompiculture was coined by Timothy Myles of the Urban Entomology Program at the University of Toronto.

“Decompiculture is the growing or culturing of decomposer organisms by humans. The term is intended to establish a contrast with the term agriculture. Agriculture encompasses the production systems based on the culture of herbaceous plants and herbivore animals. In effect, agriculture is human symbiosis with select organisms of the herb-herbivore-carnivore food chains comprising the live plant food web. Decompiculture, in contrast, human symbiosis with organisms of the decomposer food chains comprising the dead plant-based, or plant cell wall-based detrital food web. I believe that decompiculture is equivalent in importance to agriculture and perhaps more important in terms of integrating human activities in a sustainable way with the biosphere. I also believe that just as the origin of agriculture initiated the dawn of civilization, decompiculture may now initiate the dawn of a new leap forward in human evolution.”–Timothy Myles

Decompiculture as used in the Infinity Burial Project is both instrumental and conceptual. The term reflects the actual activity proposed as one element of the Decompiculture Society–cultivating fungi for the purpose of facilitating corpse decompisition. However, the IBP proposes that decompiculture is also a means of humans attaining death acceptance through the active cultivation of organisms which will eventually facilitate its decay. Decompiculture as a vehicle to death acceptance, in short.

Space travelers are called astronauts, Buddhist scholar Robert Thurman calls those exploring states of consciousness psychonauts, those who seek death acceptance via decompiculture may be called decompinauts.