Postmortem Options: A Workshop on the Dead Body
hosted by the Decompiculture Society

Tuesday Jan 25, 20116-8:30pm

MIT, Wiesner Building, Room E15-207
20 Ames Street, Cambridge

Jae Rhim Lee, Mushroom Burial Site (Bridgeville, CA), Infinity Burial Project

Join the Decompiculture Society for a free workshop exploring new and traditional technologies in the funeral industry. Presentations on options of burial, cremation and alternatives will be given by a diverse group of representatives, including:

  • Joe Sehee, Green Burial Council
  • Emma Crossen and Nancy Accola, Funeral Consumers Alliance of Eastern Massachusetts
  • Captain Brad White, New England Burials at Sea, LLC
  • Ruth Faas, Mourning Dove Studio
  • Paul Harrington, Licensed Funeral Director and Former Manager, Forest Hills Crematory
  • Jae Rhim Lee, Infinity Burial Project

This workshop is sponsored by the MIT Program in Art, Culture and Technology and the Decompiculture Society, a newly formed group that promotes death awareness and acceptance and the cultivation of decomposing organisms.  The Decompiculture Society is a component of the Infinity Burial Project, an art/design project by Jae Rhim Lee, with funding from the Creative Capital Foundation.

Contact: Jae Rhim Lee, jrlee (at) mit (dot) edu, 617-710-4188