I recently read Paul Stamets book ‘Mycelium Running; how mushrooms can help save the world’, and was so inspired by what I read. I was even more inspired when I learning about the Infinity Burial Project from the Ted Talk, http://www.ted.com/talks/jae_rhim_lee.html. Death, Decomposition and the cycles of birth and life they feed, have always been on my mind…. I learned to see great beauty in decay, inherent in the interconnected cyclic nature of life and death. The dead provide food, materials and energy for the fungi and microbes that do most of the decomposition in nature, releasing the elemental building blocks back into the environment, making them available for new life forms to utilize. It does not get more elegant or beautiful than that……. I find the best way to share my excitement for decomposition is by talking about kitchen compost. By starting with something that is not as scary as death, you can illustrate the same interconnection in a less personal way, then build on the idea from there…. bring the composting of human waste and eventual human bodies into the conversation…. It’s so bizarre to me that we discard the organic elemental resources found in dead bodies and human waste.